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Savallese Millenium Volley

Savallese Trasporti TITLE SPONSOR of the women's Volley A1 team.
The winning team: the Brescian lionesses!
We decided to sponsor a great women's team that is like us, a team that grows seriously. Return to the territory a commitment with the sponsorship of athletes who represent the spirit of the company, teamwork, the continuous challenge and the effort for victory and growth.
Sport spirit and love for sport, especially for women.
For this reason we have decided to become Title Sponsor and therefore Savallese Trasporti Srl will be called in the A2 formation, Savallese Millenium Brescia.
«The sponsorship that we have decided to carry out is combined with our desire to re-launch our corporate image, ensuring that our vision of work and people reaches everyone - comments Manuel Fiori - we believe in the message we want to convey and Millenium is a serious and prestigious communication vehicle. In fact we are very happy to be present at the PalaGeorge, which gives a very professional dimension to the Catania family project»
«We are fascinated by the fact that volleyball, especially women's volleyball, is a pleasant and healthy team game, made up of roles, where fellowship is very important, knowing how to be together is the basis - Fiori continues, explaining why women's volleyball has caught the attention of the company - everyone has their job. If you win, you win all together. Obviously someone makes the difference and has to do it, but you cannot be the number one if you are not supported by good companions, like a coach and a company that believed in you. We must work with humility and grow, this is how we have carved out a prominent space among the realities of our sector in the province and beyond, which is the philosophy that we embrace of Millenium, which carries out a project with perseverance and commitment»