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Who We Are


Savallese Trasporti was born in 1979 in the Savallo valley, in Val Sabbia.
The Fiori family founded the company starting its activity in the transport and logistics of non-ferrous and ferrous materials, guaranteeing a quality service, in recent years it has expanded its service also for the materials to be recycled where it is constantly growing.
In 40 years of activity the company has been synonymous with safe transport and high quality of service.


The corporate culture is strongly oriented towards Customer Service and excellence thanks to the values of the company.
Quality of Service, Speed and Efficiency that are applied daily by all employees.
Savallese transports is projected towards a future outlook by paying attention to customers and suppliers thanks to the technological assistance that manages to optimize some work procedures and guarantee safety also to the workers themselves.

Our strengths are our values

  • Immediate and flexible response thanks to the direct management of traffic lines.
  • Experience and reliability distinguish us in our sector by targeting customer satisfaction.
  • The constant technological evolution allows us to optimize working times.
  • The safety of our employees is guaranteed by the constant renewal of the vehicle fleet.
  • Savallese Trasporti to guarantee and protect its customers and the service it performs in the transport sector is certified since 2000.