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La sede di Calcinato

The Calcinato headquarters was founded in 2015 as a natural evolution of the company’s growth. The geographical position is strongly linked to a large private area suitable for parking the fleet of vehicles, trailers and tanks from scrap and a large warehouse, a strategic point thanks to the easy access to the ring roads and highway.
The headquarters is divided as follows, 400mq of offices, 6000mq covered plus 17.000mq in area and an area of 300mq for acceptance and security.
A strategic place that guarantees greater speed and flexibility of service and meets the needs of the market, ever more demanding.

La sede di Casto

In Casto there is the operational and administrative center of the company for the management of services and the administrative part.
Casto has always been the historical and strategic site of the company also for the presence of metallurgical, iron and steel companies that are based in the Savallese Valley and with which a solid working relationship has been built over the years.
The headquarters is divided as follows, 150mq of offices, 500mq covered and more than 13.000mq of area.


100 number plates distributed between tractors and trailers
Euro 6 fleet guaranteeing sustainability and efficiency
Savallese trasporto rifiuti

Transport of recyclable waste

The process of taking charge of the materials is rigorous and careful
Load security is guaranteed in three times: the vehicles have all been equipped with satellite since 2000 and therefore the load is always traceable. Our assurances are a further reassurance of quality and protection for our customers. Covering the load with adequate tarpaulins or closed vehicles prevents damage to the safety of people, the road and repair goods from atmospheric agents.
We know that transport efficiency and safety are fundamental, but cleanliness and order are a good calling card, for us transporters and for all Customers who decide to use a reliable carrier such as Savallese Trasporti.
Finally, the certification confirms the quality of the service and the unique way in which Savallese Trasporti operates.

Transport of ferrous and non-ferrous materials

All tanks are equipped with automatic cover
The collection of non-ferrous materials requires special caissons and large investments to guarantee the safety of the material and people.
The value of the goods transported can be very important therefore one of the requirements that Savallese Trasporti guarantees its Customers is the tracking with satellite and an insurance policy for each load. The certification ensures excellent quality in transport and load protection, as well as great punctuality.
The role of Savallese Trasporti, which has a clientele with a very high loyalty rate in a valley and a province rich in metallurgical, iron and steel companies, testifies to its competence, reliability and its know-how in accordance with current regulations.



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